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Masz pytania?

  • How do BattleAxe Sessions Work?
    Our sessions are 70 minutes long and are designed for first-timers. - Each lane consists of 2 targets, an instructor and up to 12 players. - During the session, you’ll receive a safety brief, learn how to throw an axe, take part in a tournament and learn some trick shots. - Ever fancied throwing two axes at once? An 'Axepert' will be on the lane throughout to ensure you’re having an 'AXE'-cellent time. - Lastly, set off into the sunset and enjoy what Sheffield has to offer.
  • Can we have our own lane
    Of course. Each throwing lane has 2 x targets, each target can have up to 6 throwers. So to guarantee your own lane, you need 12 x tickets per lane, we have 3 lanes in total. Therefore we can have up to 36 people, throwing at one session.
  • Who can throw?
    Anyone 8 years old + along with an accompanying adult(s), on our standard sessions, simple as that.
  • How do we book?
    Book online ~ it really couldn't be simpler.
  • Do we have a phone number?
    In short unfortunately NO! As we open in the evening(s) & weekends, there is no one available during the day to man the phone lines in between. So please email us or contact us via our social media pages and we will reply as quickly as possible.
  • What to wear?
    ***STRICTLY NO OPEN TOE SHOES*** While axes aren't heavy we wouldn't want you to drop one on your foot / toes...Remember, you can replace shoes...but not toes!
  • Are we allowed to drink Alcohol?
    Errrrrrrrrr....NOPE! Sorry to spoil the fun, but axes and alcohol don't mix and the same goes for drugs. Our 'Axeperts' reserve the right to refuse anyone they feel i under the influence of alcohol / drugs ~ therefore play will not be permitted and no refund will be given. ( So party hard afterwards, not before)
  • Can I bring my own axe?
    In order of fairplay blah blah blah, we insist on ONLY using our equipment. Also we cannot be responsible for other peoples axes etc...
  • Is it safe?
    As long as you listen and adhere to our safety briefing, while always listening to your 'Axepert' .... then of course
  • Is it suitable for Stag / Hen parties?
    HELL YES!!! You get to throw AXES, need we say more? - Just one rule applies ... you've got to be sober when you arrive. The safety of our customers is paramount, anyone who is under the influence of alcohol / drugs will be refused entry & no refunds will be given.
  • Are we insured?
    Of course .... Insurance details are available upon request, once you are onsite.
  • Can I throw if i'm pregnant?
    First off, congrats on bringing a little viking into this realm. Axe throwing is a personal decision based on your own circumstances and health. While the axes are not heavy, it would be a low intensity activity. However, here at BattleAxe - safety comes first and we would always suggest that you consult with your GP / Midwife, if you have any concerns.
  • Do you sell food and drinks?
    We sell soft drinks, hot drinks but no alcolholic drinks unfortuanately. We have a variety of snacks ie Chocolate bars, crisps & flapjacks to keep you going. Please remember that we're a cashless company, therefore we only accept CARD PAYMENTS ONLY!!!!
  • Do you need to book in advance or can we just turn up?
    Short and simple answer is ...YES & NO!!!! Bookings are in advance only. The reason why? So that no one is disappointed if we are fully booked and to maintain our 'Axepert' ratio for safety reasons...blah blah blah and so forth. To guarantee a place for your desired date & time, we highly recommend booking in advance.
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