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Our Values and Commitment to accessibility and inclusivity

BattleAxe Sheffield

The above photo is the Sheffield Steelkings Para Ice Hockey team, just one of many different customers we've been able to help here at BattleAxe.

Our mission is to ensure that BattleAxe is an inclusive and accessible environment, to all people who are physically able to throw an axe.

We are constantly innovating and taking on professional advice to remove barriers that may be obstructing potential players from having the chance to sink an axe.

We have successfully put on sessions for wheelchair users, people with visual impairments and people with a wide range of mobility challenges. But we have more work to do to ensure we are as accessible and accommodating as possible.

We also have ear defenders and a sensory bag available to use - please ask a member of staff.

We always recommend people to get in touch with us if they’re unsure whether or not the activity is suitable for them.


Email us at and we will have a natter about what we can do to get you throwing.

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