War Hammer

This weapon may look small and simple, but it is about as dangerous as a lance or sword! The soldier who was using a hammer like this would not have had to think long about how to place a cut at the weak point in plate armour.


One or two well-aimed blows and the problem was solved. Beating on a knight's plate harness often enough or at exactly the right place can prevent him from breathing or crush him to death. Knights despised war hammers as not being chivalrous, but they did not disappear from battlefields until firearms were in widespread use.

This beast of a warhammer can only be wielded with two hands! The enormous head tops a thick wooden shaft which is reinforced by steel langets. Although it is well built and sturdy it is not recommended for practical use.

Length: 70.5 cm
Weight: 948g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece

War Hammer